Brain Storming
  1. Explaining
    So as you know master book can be a benefit it many different ways here are some reasons how.
  2. Reason 1
    Reason 1
    Master book can be a good way to have time management done without anything you have to do.
  3. Reason 2
    Reason 2
    You can add many websites to attach on to this website as in add more links to the website and instead of going to the google search bar and searching things when you are extremely tired you can use master book and save time.
  4. Reason 3
    Reason 3
    Master Book is also useful because you can add as many website on to this website and you can delete them if you do not want they are taking up lots of storage space.
  5. Reason 4
    Reason 4
    You can basically control the website as your own by adding websites and other thing too.
  6. Reason 5
    Reason 5
    Master Book is helpful because it saves time on switching websites to another and time is like money except you cannot get it back so, Master Book saves magical, non getting back time.


Master book is a combination of many online websites down below.
Camera, Team snap, google, notes, facebook, instagram, shutterfly, messenger. planner, and more.
Master book allows you to make a schedule of your afterschool life.
You can put the time date and place like your planner. Activities schedule like you Team Snap or Shutterfly. 
Pictures or video like instagram, camera, or video.
Post messages to your family or friends like messenger.
Post email or information from G.mail or notes.
Master Book includes time blocks which makes it even source/way to  have good time management but at the same time handle it stress free!